Friday, March 5, 2010


(1) 1 September 2009 : Opening of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha (ANSS) website/Blog, the first Nepali literary website from Assam/North East, by ANSS President Mr. K. B. Chetry at Hawaipur rigional office.

(2) 13 September 2009 : Felicitation Programme at Golmagaon High School, Udalgudi, BTAD to honour Mr. Tarapati Upadhyay by ASSAM NEPALI SAHITYA SABHA PURASKAR, 2008.

(3) 13 September 2009 : Publication of SABHA SAMVAD, Vol. 4 No. 8, the bulletin of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha.

(4) 6 October 2009 : ANSS General Secretary, Mr. Madan Thapa’s visit to Bhimajuli accident.

(5) 18 October 2009 : ANSS Hawaipur Branch celebrated 100th Birth anniversary of Nepali Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota where ANSS President K. B. Chetry, Vice President Binita Upadhyay, Literary Secretary Dambar Dahal and other ANSS dignatories attended.

(6) 23 October 2009 : Second sitting of syllabus Committee for preparing the syllabus of Nepali in MA under Institution of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL), Gauhati University. It is to be noted that a high level ANSS deligation had submitted a memorandum to University Authority on 11th of April, 2009 to impliment the same. University Authority has already sent a letter to ANSS President responding the letter and taking necessary action in implimenting the same by letter No. GU/Acad/Edu/09/5097-5/0/dt7/5/09.

(7) 24 October 2009 : ANSS President inaugurated Educational Seminar in the conference of All Assam High School Teachers’ Association held at Kheroni, Karbi Anglong on 24th October 2009.

(8) 24 October 2009 : ANSS Jiribasa branch organised ‘writers meet’ with Dr. Shiva Acharya, a renowned scholar of Assam, where ANSS President Mr. K. B. Chetry also participated.

(9) 27 October 2009 : ANSS expressed deep mournfulness in the death of Dr. Kamala Sankrityayan, Darjeeling on 25 October 2009.

(10) 31 October 2009 : ANSS Sadiya District Committee, Tinsukia felicitated Mr. Rangbong Terang, President of Asom Sahitya Sabha with "Topi" and "Khukuri" at his Sadiya tour. Committee has also arranged a cultural procession and interaction programme on the occassion.

(11) 1 November 2009 : ANSS Sadiya District Committee to publish a Literary Magazine namely ‘Louhitya’.

(12) Romanian-born 56-year-old German writer Herta Mueller won the Nobel Prize 2009 in literature. Nobel Awarded Work is "who,with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose,depicts the Landscape of the dispossessed".

(13) ANSS is planning to hold Seminars on Nepali MIL at atleast 10 places covering Nepali populated areas of Assam keeping in view so that maximum High Schools of such areas may start Nepali MIL from the academic session 2010. It is to be noted that about 20 High Schools have already introduced Nepali MIL at Class IX and X.

(14) Nepal’s highest Literary award "Madan Puraskar" to Mr. Yuvaraj Nayaghare (39) for the year 2006 VS for his work "Ek Haatko Taali", a collection of articles.

(15) 1 November 2009 :- ANSS Ledo Branch (Dist. Tinsukia) formed in the initiative at Tika Bhattarai, Central Member.

(16) 9 November 2009 :- ANSS Kumchai Branch (Dist. Tinsukia) formed in the initiative of Tika Bhattarai, Central Member.

(17) 14/15 November 2009 :- ANSS General Secretary Mr. Madan Thapa and Central Member Hari Gajurel attended Tihar Sammelan as the Guests of honour held at Bargolai, Margherita.

(18) 15 November 2009 :- ANSS Baithalangso Branch (Karbi Anglong District) formed where central President K. B. Chetry, Asstt. Secretary Hemsagar Upadhyaya, Literary Secretary Dambar Dahal, Central Member Ran Kafle, Life member Khemnath Poudel, Karbi Anglong District Secretary Ramakanta Poudel attended.

(19) 14 November 2009 :- ANSS Vice President Mr. Tulsi Kafle attended the Mising Sahitya Sabha conference at Gogamukh (Dhemaji District) as invited guest.

(20) 18 November 2009 :- ANSS General Secretary Mr. Madan Thapa attended Tihar Sammelan as the Appointed Speaker, held at Batiamari, Sonitpur, where Mr. C. K. Sreshtha also attended.

(21) 21 November 2009 :- ANSS expresses deep sorrow on the death of Narendra Dev Shastri, founder editor of "DESHVARTA" a Nepali weekly from Tezpur and Dr. Mukunda Madhav Sharma, former Vice-Chancellor of Dibrugarh University.

(22) 29 November 2009 ::- Golaghat Sahitya Sabha honoured Gita Upadhyay, a prominent writer of Tezpur, by PHULCHAND KHANDELWAL PURASKAR.

(23) 29 November 2009 ::- ANSS Biswanath District Committee formed .

(24) 23 December 2009 ::- Sahitya Akademi award to Samiran Chhetri ‘priyadarshi’ for his short story collection ‘GAIRI GAON KI CHAMELI’ for 2009. He will be awarded on 16th February 2010 at New Delhi. The amount of Award is raised upto 1 Lakh from 50 thousand.

1 January 2010 ::- The Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha wishes new year 2010 to be a prosperious and peaceful year.

5 January 2010 : ANSS President K. B. Chetry, Vice President Tulsi Kafle, General Secretary Madan Thapa, Literary Secretary Dambar Dahal and Life Member Gopal Lama met Gauhati University Authority and placed Memorandum to introduce major in Nepali in the colleges under GU.

17 January 2010 : ANSS Central Executive Meeting held at Duliajan. 3 books realeased. VANDITA, a Nepali translation book by K. B. Chetry, Published by ANSS, is worth notable. 13 resolutions adopted regarding Nepali MIL introduction in schools, colleges and universities ; Literary and organisational.

18 January 2010 : President K. B. Chetry, working President Dilip Raut and Central member Abikesar Sarmah met Dibrugarh University Authority and placed memorandum regarding Nepali Elective, Major and Department. Authority has issued an official letter to ANSS president responding the memorandum positively.

1 February 2010 : Five representatives on behalf of ANSS attended Asom Sahitya Sabha’s conferrance at Wathatlangso, Karbi Anglong. The representatives were K. B. Chetry (president), Dambar Dahal (Literary Secretary), Abikesar Sarmah (Central Member), Rana Kafle (Central Member) and Khagendra Dahal (Central Member). ANSS President addressed the session. ANSS Wathatlangso Branch actively participated in all sides. Nepali Cultural programmes also were shown. Articles regarding Nepali literature, Nepali culture are published in the mouthpiece of Asom Sahitya Sabha (Central Committee) and souvenir published on the occassion.

11 February 2010 : ANSS President K. B. Chetry, Literary Secretary Dambar Dahal and ANSS Karbi Anglong District Secretary Ramakanta Paudel visited High School Authority at Dhansiri in East Karbi Anglong regarding Nepali MIL.

14 February 2010 : ANSS President K. B. Chetry attended and addressed the conferrance of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad at Hojai as the guest of honour.

18 -23 February 2010 : ANSS President, Genaral Secretary, Literary Secretary visited west Sonitpur, Darrang and Udalgudi District regarding introducing Nepali MIL in High Schools. They met HMs, SMC heads and ANSS branches for the purpose. Two adhoc branches of ANSS were formed at Habigaon (Darrang) and Shillongkhutti (Udalgudi), They attended three meetings in the tour and Kavi sammelan at Golmagaon High School in the district of Udalgudi.

27 February 2010 : Ten (10) ANSS branches formed in the district of Sonitpur in a day by ANSS Biswanath District Committee. The branches are - Gahapur, Gamiri, Misamari, Karibil, Brahmajan, Pub Burai, Rajgarh, Teleni Dipura, Daphlagarh and Takaubari. Madan Thapa, Tulsi Kafle, Hari Gajurel, Kumar Pokhrel, Binod Khanal, Gopal Lama, Narayan Phuyel etc. attended public meetings there as observers on behalf of ANSS central committee. This was possible by the notable initiative taken by Ratna Basnet and Ram Pradhan, the president and secretary of district committee respectively.